Jo Gale (she/her) is a mover, community organizer and body liberation advocate living in Hamilton Ontario. She believes in giving people the freedom to feel joyful in their bodies. Her teaching is a combination of contemporary Pilates, Yoga and her own experiments with fun, dance like combinations. Through her work in the wellness industry, Jo hopes to advocate for folks in larger bodies to take up space in “fitness” settings. She loves a physical practice that is precise and technical, but also loves the playful aspect of sweeping, large, heart-rate lifting movement.

Jo is so grateful to have had the privilege to learn from a diverse range of teachers, both in person, and through online connection. She thanks Katherine Bruni Young, Cecily Milne, Micheal Stone, Margot McKinnon, Amber Joliat, Dianne Bondy and Amber Karnes for the precious gifts of training, workshops, and countless opportunities. Without profound and DEEP inspirations from these leaders, Jo’s practice would not be what it is today.