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9 videos

Shorter format videos 5-15 ish minutes in length that are targeted. Do one, or string them together for a meal.

8 min No Curl Core Reset

Take some time to re-set your centre with this quick supine Pilates inspires sequence. Turn on some chill tunes and move with me!

12 min Spinal Reset

Take some time to move your spine mindfully! Feel free toe explore these shapes at your own depth! Small weights ( mine are 2lbs each) add a little feedback and traction. Play some chill music in the background and feel free to repeat this sequence a few times!

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QUICKIE 10 minute standing groove

Let's find a circular move and groove to Prince. This is a great little movement break for folks that spend a lot of time sitting!

10 min Foot + Ankle

A little self massage, some work to get the feet feeling activated, and some releasing foot stretches. Less then 10 minutes to more feeling in your footsies. Have a chair, and a massage ball, or a dumb bell you can rest the ball of your foot on.

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15 min Moves For Wrists

Simple movements from seated, and hands and knees to gain confidence with baring weight on the hands. Suggested props: chair, yoga blocks, or a wall near by.

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15 min Moves For Shoulders

In this Pilates inspired class, we focus on shoulder strength and mobility, while finding stability through the spine. This particular sequence moves from seated to hands and knees. If you feel uncomfortable on hands and knees, check out my 15 minute moves for wrist video, for more prep movements and modification options using props!

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10 min Wall Release

Feeling tense? Here are two different release techniques using a wall. Optional to have a blanket, and optional to use a chair. You'll be standing for the first move, and laying down for the second.

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7 min Shoulder + Upper Back Flow

No props needed, can be done from seated or standing. A little isolated arm work, and then a nice little spinal and shoulder flow! Perfect way to break up a day working at a computer!

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15 min Squat + Lunge Breakdown

In this video, we breakdown and slowdown some squats and lunges, and add some weight. This work is all done in standing. I use a et of 8lb dumbbells and 5lb dumbbells. You can also use no weights! The idea is to find more support in shapes we often do at a faster pace in Beat + Pulse.

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