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Longer format flow classes. Varying from 20-45 minutes in length. Some require equipment, some do not!

20 min "Throw in the Towel" flow

A 20 minute sequence to challenge the lower bodies stability, while finding mobility in the spine and shoulders. Props: A tea-towel, yoga block or belt. We move from kneeling to tall kneel, option to modify on chair or only do upper body. We also squat and lunge!

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25 min Happy Hips

Stable pelvis, mobile hips. A golden combo. This 25 minute flow happens all on the mat. I will use a resistance band, but I give prop suggestions and switch ups at the beginning of the video!

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Play with Props and Pilates (PPP!)

In this class we use a squish ball, one small weight, and a yoga block. Playing with balance, finding centre by exploring bilateral and unilateral movement of the limbs.

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SQUISH + SQUAT squish ball class

You need a squish ball for this class (alternative props in video intro)

Standing Flow

Dance inspired low impact standing flow.


A sample nugget of how BEAT + PULSE : remix goes. No props, just you. Lots of options to make it work for you! Let's dance!